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September 04, 2014

CIMB Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates

Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates: CIMB Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates

We review information on CIMB Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates this year 2014. These Singapore fixed deposit interest rates are obtained from bank in Singapore.

The 2014 CIMB Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates are subject to change without notice.

These 2014 Singapore fixed deposit rates in 2014 are indicative only. Readers should verify Singapore fixed deposit rates before using them.

2014 Fixed Deposit Rates Singapore details:

CIMB Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates:

Tenure $1,000 - $99,999

1 Mth^ 0.1
2 Mths^ 0.12
3 Mths 0.15
6 Mths 0.25
9 Mths 0.3
12 Mths 0.3
24 Mths 0.875

Rates may change by the time you read them today. Bank and financial institutions reserve the right to change or terminate the fixed deposit rates. Terms and conditions apply to these 2014 Singapore fixed deposit rates.

Any fixed term deposit placed by an individual or a charity with an approved bank in Singapore will be insured up to the amount specified in the Deposit Insurance Act if it is an insured deposit placed by an insured depositor as defined in the Act.


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